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RF Engineer Consultant

Wireless Coverage Solutions

Rastullo specializes in the design and integration of iDAS and Small Cells systems. We can assist you on your next project by providing engineering services tailored to meet any coverage and capacity needs. We offer advanced iDAS and Small Cells solutions that can grow to meet future needs. We perform site survey and data collection to facilitate our designs in iBwave, the industry standard for in-building design software.

RF Engineering Services:

Design and integration of iDAS and Small Cells systems to improve wireless coverage and capacity. Perform RF site surveys to verify donor sites, take measurements, identify equipment room, cable routes, electric access, and installation challenges. Perform RF data analysis to determine coverage characteristics and design plan. Prepare list of equipment, materials and services necessary to implement system. Manage all project requirements, proposals, subcontractors, ordering of equipment, installing and commissioning of systems.

Skill Summary:

  • Over 15 years experience in the Wireless Communication industry.
  • Wireless Industry training in Macro, DAS and Small Cells network design.
  • iBwave In-Building (DAS) Design Certified
  • Proven abilities to plan, organize, and manage complex technical projects
  • Design and integrating In-Building systems both Passive and Active DAS.
  • Utilizes propagation tools to evaluate the effects of RF path loss indoor.
  • Analyze network measurements to identify problems and to improve Key Performance Indicators.

Building and Structures:

  • Shopping Malls, Hotels, Retail Centers, etc.
  • Corporate Offices, Education Institutions, Hospitals.
  • State and Federal Government Facilities, etc.

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